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  • In-Studio classes commence September 14th! Contact us to REGISTER for Fall classes (limited class sizes).



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Health and safety at Pulse has always been our number one priority.

In light of COVID-19, we will be strictly following all of the Ontario and City of Markham guidelines and do everything we can to reduce risk and prevent exposure.

Please review ALL of our protocols with your dancer before the start of your first class.

We can't wait to dance with you!

rules and procedures

(Subject to Change)

Please note that our lobby is temporarily closed therefore no parents or spectators are allowed to enter our facility and/or wait in this area.

  • Only Dancers and Faculty will be permitted inside the studio. Mask is mandatory!
  • "Boogie Babies" & "Kinder Kids" MUST have one parent with them at all times who will accompany their child for the full duration of their class within their child's designated 6x6 dance square. The parent must notify Pulse by e-mail the full name of the parent accompanying their child and a mask is mandatory.

MASKS (must be worn by all):

  • Masks must be worn at all times outside of the classroom (lobby and washroom areas).
  • Dancers may remove their mask while dancing in their specified 6x6 dance square.
  • A fee of $2.50 will be invoiced to you if we need to provide you with a disposable mask for any reason or for a ziplock bag for the dancer to store their mask in their 6x6 dance square should your dancer wish to remove their mask while dancing. NOTE: any dancer removing their mask inside their dance square, must place their mask in a ziplock bag.
  • If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask inside our facility, you are at a much higher risk of getting seriously ill if you contract the virus and therefore although we understand you cannot wear a mask, we feel uncomfortable allowing you entry with the level of risk involved and welcome you back after the pandemic has passed.


  • Upon each time you arrive (including re-entry later in the day) and before entering our facility, each individual MUST complete an online "Self-Assessment Form" at www.pulsedanceworks.com COVID-19 Protocols drop down menu. This form will be reviewed by our Staff prior to allowing you admittance into our facility and will be used for contact tracing.
  • Dancers will NOT be allowed to enter the facility for any reason if the form has not been completed and if "yes" has been answered to any of the questions and/or if the dancer is showing signs of symptoms. For your safety and the safety of all, Pulse Dance Works Inc. has the right to refuse entry.


  • Touchless temperature taking at the front door may occur.


  • Hand sanitizer MUST be used upon entering/exiting Pulse.

drop off

DROP OFF / PICK UP (Subject to Change)

Please be on time, patient, understanding and respectful as we safely transition classes and conduct screening at the front door. NOTE: Pulse Dance Works Inc. does not manage the outside of our facility or complex. It is managed by The Monopoly Group.


  • Dancers only are to be dropped off at our front entrance door. Please be patient and practice social distancing, while waiting to enter our facility as we screen each individual. ***REVIEW our MANDATORY Screening procedures & Online Self-Assessment Form in order for dancers to be granted permission to enter our facility.


  • Arrive with mask on, hair done, in dance attire with your small labelled dance bag (containing only the shoes you will need for your classes) in hand to keep all personal belongings in. Have a separate leak free bag for outdoor shoes to be placed inside your dance bag and/or in your specified bin inside your classroom AND a separate ziplock bag to place your mask in if need be. *Do NOT bring large dance bags.
  • Please use your personal washroom facility before arriving at the studio so we can quickly, smoothly and safely transition directly into the classroom.
  • Upon entering, dancers must quickly remove their shoes, place them in their dance bag. Your dancer will be greeted and directed by Staff to follow the social distancing markings on the floor to safely enter their specified classroom, place their belongings in their specified bin inside the classroom and go to their assigned 6x6 dance square.


  • Classes may conclude 5-10 minutes early to allow for a smooth transition of classes, students exiting the facility and disinfecting of each classroom, and disinfecting of the dance floors for classes with different cohorts.
  • Promptly pick up your dancer at the rear side of our building.
  • Do NOT park in front of our back door or garage door.
  • Please line up in front of the garage door to receive your dancer, while practicing social distancing.
  • You can park your car curbside OR in the parking lot behind our complex OR in our complex parking areas facing Markham Road or Castlemore. Please do NOT block any roadways or our back door.
  • Boogie Babies & Kinder Kids only will enter and exit through the front entrance.



  • Limited class sizes and in accordance to the regulations put forth by our municipality to respect and follow physical distancing regulations.
  • Our facility will be closed to all parents and spectators.
  • Coat Room/Change Room is temporarily closed to all dancers.
  • Personal belongings are to be placed in a small labelled dance bag and carried into the classroom in which each dancer will have an individual bin to place their belongings for the duration of their class. Have a separate leak free bag for outdoor shoes to be placed inside your dance bag and/or in your specified bin inside your classroom. Bins will be disinfected after each personal use.
  • Classroom dance floors have clearly marked 6x6 dance squares for each individual dancer to dance in for the duration of their class. Older dancers who can safely practice social distancing may dance technical elements across the floor (ex. turns, jumps, tumbling). Ballet Barres will be marked every 6feet to ensure physical distancing at the barre, and will be frequently wiped down/disinfected.
  • Dancers and Faculty may be able to remove their masks when dancing in their classroom only, pending government regulations, but dancers must arrive with a mask on in order to be permitted into the facility and wear it at all times outside of their specified classroom. Please remember to bring a ziplock bag to place your mask in if it is removed inside the classroom.
  • Hand sanitizer will also be stationed in our classrooms and will be frequently used by Pulse Faculty. Dancers may also be asked to use Hand Sanitizer during class in addition to entering/exiting the facility.
  • Studio classrooms are equipped with tvs, webcams, laptops and/or tablets as classes may be livestreamed via Zoom for enrolled participants only (no spectators) enrolled in our online dance program or for dancers who cannot attend class in-studio due to COVID-19 symptoms.

cleaning supplies

CLEANING PROTOCOLS (Subject to Change)

  • Pulse has added additional cleaning/sanitizing areas and procedures.
  • High touch areas and hard surfaces such as bins for personal belongings, ballet barres, floors, door handles, light switches etc. will be disinfected in-between classes.
  • Washrooms will be frequently sanitized throughout each day.
  • Dance Floors will be disinfected with Canadian Government approved floor disinfectant spray "MBC 510" in between classes with different cohorts and as needed.
  • As noted in your program information package, classes may conclude 5-10minutes early to allow for a smooth transition of classes and disinfecting of each classroom including the studio floor.
  • Our entire facility will be thoroughly sanitized following the final class of each day.
  • All cleaning products are government approved.
  • Pulse Faculty will be frequently washing/disinfecting hands and promoting proper hand hygiene. As well, Parents are expected to educate their child(ren) at home on how to properly wash/disinfect hands.
  • Yoga Blocks, Therabands and other props will not be available for personal use to mitigate the spread of germs. Dancers registered in Technique, Pointe and Acrobatics will be asked to bring in their own.