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Pulse Dance Works Instructors are all highly experienced and qualified in their field(s) of dance. To read more about each of our instructors and studio staff, please click on their name below for their full biography.

Nadine Nicole Varga

Owner, Co-Studio Director/Instructor

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Nadine is a multi-talented dance professional and the owner and co-studio director of "Pulse Dance Works Inc." in Markham-Toronto, Ontario. She is an accomplished dancer; instructor; choreographer and an international adjudicator with over thirty years of dance experience. As well, Nadine is an experienced business professional specializing in office and operations management and event planning.

Nadine is a certified member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.), Acrobatic Arts, Professional Adjudicators Alliance (P.A.A.) and a certified "Strip To Fit" instructor in fused dance and fitness - burlesque dance. Nadine's intensive dance background includes various disciplines of dance; ballet, jazz, strength & flexibility (a.k.a. stretch), tap, acrobatics, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, song & dance, salsa and many forms of social dance in which she continues to choreograph in many of these styles. Nadine also studied music for several years, specializing with the Tenor Saxophone.

As well as dance and music, Nadine possesses a strong background in musical theatre which she started at a very young age. Nadine has not only performed in musicals on stage, but has choreographed and assistant directed shows with various size casts of all ages. Some of her musical theatre work includes "The Wizard of Oz", "Peter Pan", "A Chorus Line" and "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Nadine was one of the past trainers and choreographers at the prestige Kalev Estienne Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre in Toronto, that is highly recognized for bringing the sport into Canada, for one of the past Junior Canadian Teams "Jr. Rhythmic Express". Nadine had the great opportunity to instruct some of the top rhythmic gymnasts in all of Canada.

Outside of teaching both recreational and competitive classes at her own dance studio, Nadine choreographs show pieces for professional venues and charity events. As an experienced international dance adjudicator, reputable for her detailed and positive technical critiques, Nadine continues to judge dance competitions regularly. As a former competitive award winning dancer, competing heavily in Canada and the USA for many years, Nadine understands the hard work and dedication it takes to become a well-trained dancer, performer and dance professional. Nadine's knowledge and experience, unique and creative choreography as well as her passionate approach to dance instruction, helps dancers of all ages and levels strive to achieve their highest dancing goals.

Rachel Maria Lepera-Martelle

Co-Studio Director/Instructor

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Rachel is an accomplished dancer, instructor, choreographer and adjudicator with over 30 years of dance experience.

As well as being the Co-Studio Director of "Pulse Dance Works Inc." in Markham-Toronto, Ontario; Rachel is an award winning and accredited freelance fashion designer, who also managed the design department for a major international clothing manufacturer for several years.

Following the B.A.T.D., C.D.T.A. and R.A.D. syllabi, Rachel continues to instruct and choreograph in jazz, tap, lyrical, acrobatics, hip hop, strength & flexibility (a.k.a. stretch), technique, contemporary, ballet, musical theatre, song & dance and social dance. Rachel is also a certified "Strip To Fit" instructor in fused dance and fitness — burlesque dance.

In addition, Rachel is a highly experienced and sought after dance adjudicator, known for providing constructive and encouraging technical critiques. Rachel continues to judge dance competitions throughout Canada on a regular basis, while continuing to instruct both recreational and competitive classes at her own studio. As a former competitive dancer herself, Rachel competed extensively in Canada and the USA for many years, winning numerous awards and scholarships. Rachel has attended several workshops and ongoing she continues to pursue and further her dance education.

Rachel also has over 15 years of instrumental and vocal music experience and training. Rachel has choreographed & performed in musicals with credits that include "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat", "My Fair Lady", "Little Shop of Horrors", "The Sound of Music", "Oliver" and "The Little Match Girl", as well as choreographing movement for a children's choir.

Many of Rachel's former students have gone on to land professional careers as dance instructors, Toronto Argonauts Cheer Leader, pop singer/performer, fitness model, body builder, TV actor and musical theatre triple threat.

Rachel is known for her engaging and unique style of teaching and for her outstanding and innovative choreography in many dance disciplines. She strives to inspire dancers to continue working hard to meet their goals and to continue to grow and develop as performers.

Lisa Hamilton Hrycajkiw


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Born and raised in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Lisa began her dance training at the age 4. She studied ballet through the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) at Rothesay Ballet School and completed several RAD ballet exams before the age of 17.

In 1993 Lisa graduated from the Teacher Training Program and was awarded her Associate with the Cecchetti Society Teachers of Dance. Lisa has been teaching, children age 3 to adult, in numerous dance studios across the Toronto and York Region for over 20 years. Over this time she has prepared numerous students to successfully pass their Cecchetti Ballet exams — with honors. She is very proud of all her students, particularly those who have chosen dance as a career and have gone on to The National Ballet School, The Royal Winnipeg and Quinte Ballet School. In 2009 Lisa received her Associate Diploma and continues to upgrade her international credentials. Lisa continues to attend annual ballet workshops, teaching seminars and dance teacher summits in order to continue learning and growing as a teacher.

In addition to being a long time choreographer for annual recitals, she has recently started to choreograph for competitive dance programs. Lisa has performed in many recitals and had the unique opportunity to dance for Colin James as a swing dancer. She has choreographed and appeared as a guest teacher at numerous studios across Ontario. She is passionate about dance and looks forward to training more students while focusing on strong classical technique.

In addition to teaching and choreographing, Lisa was the office manager for a ballet school in the GTA for over five years. This provided her with outstanding experience in the administration required to operate a dance school. She has a passion for dance, theatre and travel and hopes to inspire and pass this onto her students. Lisa is very excited to be back at Pulse Dance Works and looking forward to working with all of the dancers.

Quincie Alysha Taylor


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Quincie, a diverse dance instructor, loves teaching all ages how to dance! She started dancing when she was 6yrs old and fell in love with the feeling of being on stage and performing. At the age of 16, she knew that teaching was her passion.

Quincie's dance background includes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. Quincie is a certified member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.) and is proud to have been a part of the first graduating class of Centennial College's Dance Performance Program.

In addition, Quincie's Hip Hop background includes training under many renowned Hip Hop industry professionals such as Danny Davalos, Linnen Doung, Derick Robinson, Brandon Adomako Owusu (Bizzy Boom), Kelly Gammie, Queenie S. Vicente and many more. Quincie is a proud member of "School of Groove", where she continues to not only advance her skills in Toronto Style Hip Hop, House, Krump, Popping, Locking, Dancehall, Jazz-Funk, but perform around the GTA.

Quincie loves teaching all styles of dance and thrives on sharing her knowledge with her students and helping to inspire them.

Julianna Del Carmen

Class Assistant

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Julianna's love for dance started from watching her older sister take dance classes at Pulse Dance Works Inc. At the tender age of three, Julianna got her chance to start dance at Pulse as a "Boogie Baby" dancer. Since then, her passion from dance has grown and over her many years of training, she has intensely studied many disciplines of dance at a part-time competitive level in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical and Hip Hop. Although Julianna enjoys all styles of dance, she has a special place in her heart for tap and has won many awards as a tap soloist.

Outside of dance, Julianna is a very ambitious and caring young lady with contagious positive energy. She is extremely hard working and for many years regularly volunteers her time in the community and especially at her family's business, The Centre For Dreams, where she assists individuals with disabilities. Julianna is also a young entrepreneur and has had her own slime business and baking business (cakes/cookies/cupcakes).

As a class assistant at Pulse Dance Works Inc. and being regularly mentored by both Studio Directors Nadine N. Varga & Rachel M. Lepera-Martelle, Julianna continues to gain invaluable hands on experience on how to teach children of all ages and different levels of ability in a variety of dance disciplines. Julianna loves working with children and is proud to be a class assistant at Pulse sharing her passion for dance as well as helping and inspiring little budding stars

Mia Mallocci

Class Assistant

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Mia Mallocci, born and raised in the city of Markham, started dancing at the age of three years old as a "Boogie Baby" dancer at Pulse Dance Works Inc. From a young age, Mia discovered her passion for dance and has continued vigorous training as a part-time competitive dancer in many dance disciplines including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics and Lyrical to present date. Mia enjoys all styles of dance, but has a special place in her heart for Acrobatics in which she has competed as a soloist and won awards including being recognized with Judge's "special" awards.

Outside of the studio Mia has always loved choreographing dances for her sisters and herself. Having demonstrated her creativity and versatility in many dance forms, Pulse provided Mia with the opportunity to choreograph a routine for Pulse's "Showcase 2019". Mia created a wonderful Jazz piece with excellent reviews from her dance mentors, Studio Directors Nadine N. Varga and Rachel M. Lepera-Martelle, as well as many individuals in attendance at the show. In addition, during Pulse Dance Works Inc.'s "Showcase 2019", Mia was presented and awarded with the "2019 Spirit Award".

As a class assistant at Pulse and being regularly mentored by both Studio Directors, Mia continues to gain invaluable hands on experience on how to teach children of all ages and different levels of ability in a variety of dance disciplines. Mia aspires to become a professional dance teacher and choreographer and cannot wait to see what her future in dance holds for her.

Jordan Clark

Guest Instructor

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Originally from Tottenham, Ontario, Jordan knew she wanted to become a performer when she was eight years old. She started training in dance at the age of 5 in various style's such as Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Acro, and was teaching by the age of 12. Shortly after winning the title of "Canada's Favourite Dancer" on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Jor-dan immersed herself in acting classes and singing lessons. Her studies quickly paid off when she landed a starring role on the hit Television Series The Next Step.

Constantly wanting to explore all areas of performance, Jordan has also appeared on stage in two of Ross Petty's Christmas Pantomimes at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto. Jordan then reprised her role of "Giselle" on one of Family Channel's series Lost & Found Music Studios, a spin-off of The Next Step, which premiered in January of 2016 and is distributed worldwide by Netflix. In February of 2016, Jordan departed on The Next Step Wild Rhythm Tour, a live-on-stage produc-tion showcasing the amazing talents of The Next Step dancers. Along with performing in this popular tour, Jordan and co-star Trevor Tordjman have taken on the monumental task of chore-ographing/ creative directing this exciting production, which would have been seen in Canada, the U.K, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. Since then Jordan has now choreographed/ creative directed three of The Next Step Tours and has just made the move to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dream of working in film and TV.

Karen "Kay" Regozo

Guest Instructor

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Karen "Kay" was born in Toronto, ON and started her journey with dance at the young age of 3 with Spirit of Aloha School. Growing up, hula dancing brought out her gracefulness but Kay, as family and friends like to call her, enjoyed watching BET and learned choreography through music videos from artist such as: Aaliyah, Monica, Missy Elliot, etc. At the age of 13, Kay and group of her friends formed a singing trio called Blush and put out their EP album in 2001. By the time she graduated high school, she had decided to go into another path and got accepted into the Humber College Theatre program.

By 2009, Kay auditioned and joined the first generation of "Bucc N Flvr Dance Crew" members. As a professional dancer and being a part of "Bucc N Flvr Dance Crew" Kay regularly performs as well as facilitating, mentoring and teaching workshops around the GTA for several years. She has also traveled and performed with her crew in places such as: Montreal, Ottawa, Washington DC, Dallas TX and Dominican Republic.

Kay always keeps true to street dance and hip hop culture with new techniques of training and always having the mindset of a student. Kay aims to maintain and carry on the legacy of "Bucc N Flvr Dance Crew" for the love of hip hop culture. Kay is proud to be a member of the Pulse Dance Works Inc. faculty and share her passion of dance with all of the students.

Lyn Rose Caluste

Guest Instructor

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Lyn Rose was born in Toronto and currently resides in Scarborough, Canada. She began studying and dancing professionally at the tender age of 4 with Hawaiian Pacific Magic, a Polynesian Dance troupe, training in the styles of Hula and Tahitian. It was through Hawaiian Pacific Magic she grew a love for dance. At 16, she began working within the Toronto dance industry working with local and international artists, from Lady Gaga in 2008 to Inez Jasper in 2014. It was in 2009 she met BUCC N FLVR (Flavor), a squad of dancers with a mission to Spread Love, Spread Light and Have Fun through Hip Hop and K.R.U.M.P., when Lyn developed into an educator, entertainer, mentor and film director of Hip-Hop dance.

Lyn continues to represent Toronto, Canada both in K.R.U.M.P. AND Hip-Hop Dance; teaching to children, youth and adults across Canada, in the United States and internationally in the Dominican Republic and Spain.

Her hope for dancers is for young men and women to embrace the dance and let it go beyond the dance studio. Live as Lyn's mentor Lenny Len would say, "It's not a 'Lifestyle', it's a life WITH style" and apply the techniques, the hard work and camaraderie in the studio into everyday life…but most importantly to have fun!

Oliver "2WIST" Vance Villanueva

Guest Instructor, In-house Videographer & Pulse Creative Liaison

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Oliver Vance Villanueva a.k.a "2WIST" is no stranger to the PULSE family. Constantly finding new creative outlets to express himself through the arts, "Ollie" is always striving to keep things fresh and innovative. Ollie's creative outlets include design, illustration, music production, song & story writing, videography, photography, cinematography and of course DANCE!

Coming from a family of dance instructors, and being exposed to House and Hip Hop music at a very young age, he has witnessed the evolution of urban music and dance culture to its entirety thus far. Ollie has studied and learned the distinguishing dance movements from every era, now truly making them his own. He is able to connect them through flow, balance, momentum and musicality.

With the sudden growth and popularity of the urban dance and music culture, his plan is to teach the new generation of dancers the foundation movements of House and Hip Hop in order to better their understanding from a freestyle perspective. He is not only an instructor, Ollie has been working professionally in the film industry since 2016, learning all levels of production from television to movies. He can also be found behind the lens at Pulse Dance Works Inc. shooting creative videos and pushing the students' performance limits.

Ollie is very proud to be part of the Pulse family, Instructing and providing his creative ideas and assistance throughout the years and for many to come. So lace up your shoes, bring a bottle of water and be ready to work…you never know when the cameras will be rolling!

Romisa Tabibi

Guest Instructor

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Hailing from Thornhill, Ontario; Romisa is an experienced dancer, instructor and choreographer with a passion to teach dance to children.

Romisa instructs classes to all ages and levels in the GTA specializing in Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre and Acrobatics.

Romisa extensively trained in many dance disciplines at a competitive level, with Vlad's Dance Company and received various awards over her years as a competitive dancer. In addition Romisa is professionally trained in ballroom dance and various cultural forms of dance. Eager to bring her very best to her students, Romisa continues to further educate herself and is presently attending York University and majoring in Dance.

Romisa loves to see her students succeed and wants nothing more than to help each child reach their goals as a dancer!

Domenic Lepera

Office, Facility & Stage Manager

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As a dedicated father of competitive dancers, Domenic has been actively involved in the dance world for over 25 years. He and his wife Gillian are very familiar with the demands and dedication of both the dancer and dance parent, and are able to look at things from a parent's perspective.

Domenic has much experience in dance studio administration and registration, stage managing recitals and shows, as well as building sets and leading competitive parent-committee programs to help raise funds for dance competitive teams. Domenic has even danced in a couple of dance recitals himself!

During the day for the past 35 years, Domenic has worked as a Mainframe Storage Management Specialist. With his successful years of experience, exceptional business background and customer service, Domenic is very happy to be an integral part of the studio's success from an Administrative and Facility operational stand point.

Being the proud father of Pulse Dance Works studio directors Nadine & Rachel, and also having years of experience in auto-mechanics and construction, Domenic not only custom built their very first professional in-home dance studio, but he also built their past dance studio located on Markham Main Street as well as their new state of the art facility at 158 Anderson Ave.

Domenic's professionalism, keen eye for safety, knowledge in the dance world as well as his energetic and kind personality is notably recognized and admired at Pulse Dance Works.

Feel free to meet with Domenic at the studio for any questions you may have or to register for classes.