dance adjudication



Hello Competition Directors,

If you are seeking experienced and qualified judges to adjudicate your upcoming dance competition(s), you’ve come to the right place.

Pulse Dance Works can provide you with judges who are fair, have much experience as performers and instructors, and who are highly experienced and qualified as well as:

  • -Experienced judges with strong backgrounds in multiple dance disciplines.
  • -Experienced with Secretarial Judging, DRC Video Judge, Custom Computerized Judging Systems, Live Judging.
  • -NO dead air on Judges Critiques, encouraging positive criticisms, tips on areas to improve and how to go about improving them, general feedback and fair marking.
  • -Certified "Professional Adjudicators Alliance" (P.A.A./Judge Alliance).
  • -Certified "The Dance Judge Organization."
  • -Certified Acrobatic Arts "AcroDance Competition Adjudicator."
  • -Accustomed to creating Special Awards as well as regular judging and speaking to dancers on stage.
  • -Reference Letters can be provided to you from other competitions our judges have worked or continue to work for.


Please refer to the Faculty Bio’s of “Nadine N. Varga” or “Rachel M. Lepera-Martelle” on this website and contact us within. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to an opportunity to judge your upcoming competition.