Summer Programs

I just would like to say thank you so much Nadine & Rachel for a wonderful week of Summer Dance and Arts Camp fun!! Julia and Isabella had such a great time each day! They loved getting ready every morning to come and be with you and the rest of the children. What a wonderful experience they had and they truly felt what a great feeling it was to be a part of such an amazing dance family.

Thank you again to both of you, all the helpers and their classmates for making them feel so welcomed and be a part of this wonderful group! You ladies are amazing!! PS. Even parents I know (who's children do not attend Pulse) told me how creative and fun it looked in pics to be in our camp. So many things that you provide for our kids, other places do not.

Toni Romano

Thanks for an AMAZING week of Summer Dance and Arts Camp! What an awesome way to finish the week! Great job ladies showcasing all your hard work while having sooo much fun! Big thanks to Nadine and Rachel for planning and implementing dance and art during the week, and to the assistants for all their help during the week! We love our Pulse family!

Sandy Vezos

Pulse's Summer Dance and Arts Camp was an amazing week, and Valentina had a great time as always with her amazing friends! Thanks so much. Rachel and Nadine did an incredible week of dance camp! Until next year...sleepover camp for sure!

Kristina Costabile

Pulse's Summer Dance and Arts Camp was fun, exciting and always full of wonderful friendships, dance and memories!! Elisa loves it and says thank-you for taking the time to do this and the volunteers and all those who helped make it possible. Thank-you.

Erica Loucadellis

Charlotte was looking forward to the Pulse Summer Dance and Arts Camp since last year, and it was everything she hoped it would be. She had an absolute blast and enjoyed working on every craft, dancing, all the fun activities and being with the Pulse dance family. Thank you so much, we appreciate all the hard work that was put into this.

Janbee Monsod


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