Dance is so much more than moving to the beat of a song and our family has learned that at Pulse! For us it all began 11 years ago with an almost 3 year old girl who was absolutely TERRIFIED to step into the dance studio. With her daddy guiding her through that door and Miss Nadine taking her hand, that once rhythmless boogie baby is now a role model for her brother, two sisters and so many more.

An evening activity that kept a little girl busy turned into this giant stepping stone for our whole family. Not just costumes and make-up! Meeting new people, sharing special moments and most of all, teaching our children to work hard to accomplish their goals. What we've made of our kids dance classes is a dance family! Dance bff's who are almost like siblings and dance teachers stepping in as moms and dads, an extension of your family that pushes you to give it 100% ... 100% of the time.

Who dries your tears, brightens your smiles, cheers the loudest and shares their sparkle lipstick. Memories shared and so many more to be created! What keeps this dance family's heart beating is PULSE!

Mallocci Family

AMAZING DANCE STUDIO!!!! Since 2006, I have had the honor and privilege of being affiliated with Pulse Dance Works Inc. I was first introduced to Nadine, Studio Director, through a charity event where she volunteered her time to teach individuals living with a developmental disability. I saw her passion for dance and compassion for others and quickly enrolled my eldest daughter into their Boogie Babies program.

Both of my daughters have learned a variety of disciplines throughout the years and have both been a part of the competitive team. Over the years I have seen the studio grow from a very small studio to a well known studio in the community. The small studio and familial atmosphere has never changed despite the growth. Both of my girls have grown so much as dancers and as young women from the discipline of dance and respect from the Pulse Dance Works Inc. instructors.

The caliber of teaching is unprecedented for both the recreational and competitive programs. The costumes and dances are all chosen with the dancers in mind and are always age appropriate. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer there is a class for you.

Michelle Del Carmen

Both my daughters started at the age of three at Pulse Dance Works Inc. and have learned a variety of different dance styles. I first put them in dance to learn the basics, but then they grew a love for dance and a love for their teachers.

The studio has not only taught my daughters technical requirements in dance but has also built their confidence, increased their discipline, motivated them, and made them better team players. Most importantly, Pulse is like our second family. Having been with the studio for 9 years now, the studio has grown much like my daughters.

The variety of different dance styles that are offered is phenomenal and they are taught at different levels. There are not enough great words to express how amazing this studio is. Both my daughters look forward to dancing every day. I highly recommend Pulse Dance Works Inc.!!!

Danielle Chin

We have been with pulse for 10+ years and it truly feels like a family. The teachers are wonderful and encouraging and take such pride in teaching all their students whether at a recreational or competitive level. Each child is treated equally and given the same amount of time and attention. The teachers are always proud of their accomplishments. Pulse has been wonderful to both my girls and family and we have had just a fantastic experience.

Lisa Palermo

The girls have had an amazing year dancing this year and we really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. It has been wonderful to watch Isabelle come out of her shell and grow this year as a tiny dancer. It has helped her tremendously with her anxiety and she has made friends that I know will last a lifetime!

Any time anyone asks us about Pulse we only tell them the honest truth... that it really is like a family and the students will get the very best from the teachers and wonderful support from the families at the studios. Our friends are so excited to start the new dance season with their kids! So really we thank you for all you have given Isabelle this year. It has been the one thing she looks forward to every week!

Jennifer Park

Our family has attended Pulse Dance Works Inc for a few years now. We have two daughters that attend various classes and they just love it! It is a great family environment and the instructors and staff are so pleasant and knowledgeable. You are always greeted by your first name and your children run into the dance studio eager to learn.

Nadine and Rachel have created such an amazing environment that not only teach your children all levels of dance but make them work to their greatest potential. Pulse Dance Works is an amazing community of people who are not only there to dance but learn the importance of conditioning and taking care of oneself! Thank you Pulse!

Kristina Costabile

My kids have been dancing at Pulse for 5 years now and they love it. Not only is it a fun environment but a caring one too. There’s something special about a place that’s run by a passionate family. They love what they do and the kids reap the benefits!

Grace Viggiani

Both my daughters have been dancing at Pulse since 2006. We love the training and support our daughters receive dancing with Nadine, Rachel (and team). They offer solid teaching for technique with the added sense of family and community. We have enjoyed our time with this studio. Thanks Pulse Dance Works!

Robin Cardillo

Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who teach quality classes with passion and discipline. Very friendly and approachable. I feel confident that my child is receiving the best dance education as well as being part of an extended dance family.

They hold high standards for their students, recognize potential and encourage growth. We feel proud and privileged to be associated with this studio.


Pulse Dance Works Inc. is a studio that holds only the highest standards for dance and teaching instruction. My daughter loves the studio and it has become her second home. Nadine/Rachel and faculty are experts in dance and the studio provides a professional, personable and caring environment. Proper dance training is displayed for all students. Thank you Pulse Dance Works Inc. for helping my daughter grow in dance and seeing her potential.


Best studio ever!


Friendly family environment with amazing caring teachers & staff that teaches everything about dance and more. We have been going to Pulse Dance Works for 9 years now and so happy I made the choice to drive a little further for a great studio.


High quality, very professional dance studio! The dance instructors are dance enthusiasts who also perform themselves, and have a wonderful attitude with the kids: demanding, professional, but at the same time understanding that they are kids... so at this studio DANCE is fun and challenging. My daughter absolutely loves it!! Thank you for your enthusiastic dance teaching!


I just would like to say thank you so much Nadine & Rachel for a wonderful week of Summer Dance and Arts Camp fun!! Julia and Isabella had such a great time each day! They loved getting ready every morning to come and be with you and the rest of the children. What a wonderful experience they had and they truly felt what a great feeling it was to be a part of such an amazing dance family.

Thank you again to both of you, all the helpers and their classmates for making them feel so welcomed and be a part of this wonderful group! You ladies are amazing!! PS. Even parents I know (who's children do not attend Pulse) told me how creative and fun it looked in pics to be in our camp. So many things that you provide for our kids, other places do not.

Toni Romano

Thanks for an AMAZING week of Summer Dance and Arts Camp! What an awesome way to finish the week! Great job ladies showcasing all your hard work while having sooo much fun! Big thanks to Nadine and Rachel for planning and implementing dance and art during the week, and to the assistants for all their help during the week! We love our Pulse family!

Sandy Vezos

Pulse's Summer Dance and Arts Camp was an amazing week, and Valentina had a great time as always with her amazing friends! Thanks so much. Rachel and Nadine did an incredible week of dance camp! Until next year...sleepover camp for sure!

Kristina Costabile

Pulse's Summer Dance and Arts Camp was fun, exciting and always full of wonderful friendships, dance and memories!! Elisa loves it and says thank-you for taking the time to do this and the volunteers and all those who helped make it possible. Thank-you.

Erica Loucadellis

Charlotte was looking forward to the Pulse Summer Dance and Arts Camp since last year, and it was everything she hoped it would be. She had an absolute blast and enjoyed working on every craft, dancing, all the fun activities and being with the Pulse dance family. Thank you so much, we appreciate all the hard work that was put into this.

Janbee Monsod